11 March 2013

Book is out!

My year long project has finally made its way into my hands. This is my first children's book I have illustrated and I am over the moon. Title: No matter Who We're With. Author: Robert Vescio. This book can be order through any book store and is available on amazon. I will get a list together where the is stocked :) I hope everyone enjoys the book as much as I have illustrating it. C

23 May 2012

Editorial: Period Home Renovator

This is a magazine I had the opportunity to illustrate for, The Period Home Renovator. The article I illustrated was about the realities of renovation. This was a new subject for me and I loved the challenge it gave me. I was thrown out of my comfort zone. So I was back to square one, research. I learned a lot of things during this projects and went through many concepts and drawings before I was happy to present it. I hope you enjoy as much as I did :)