30 December 2011

Blast from the past '02

Look what I dug up from my past!! I've been a big No Doubt fan since high school and I finally got to go to my first No Doubt concert in '02, Summer Sonic in Japan. I made this with the intension to give to Gwen when she was in front of me (I made sure to get to the front and stay there, it was absolutely awesome!) but unfortunately I didn't take into account that I would be drowning under the sudden wave of human bodies. So, yeah, never stood a chance... haha! Anyways this was me at 21.

30 October 2011

Life Drawing: Burlesque

This weekend was jammed packed with drawing around the Melbourne city. First we started off from Melbourne Central slowly made our way to The Block. Then we were waiting in anticipation to see the Zombie march but unfortunately we were in a totally different street and before we knew it it was over. Though I was lucky enough to bump into a few zombies on the street. Then our last stop was the Burlesque life drawing. Shown here is one of the models, Jess Daly.

09 October 2011


I like looking around and taking in my surrounding and this is what I encountered in Armadale the other day...

31 August 2011

Naughty Girls Series: Cookie

Take a look at the newest edition to my Naughty Girls Series previously know as Nurse Licorice. I had to change the name as I was accumulating too many girls and they all wanted to be in the spotlight!
Her name is Cookie and I hope you enjoy.
You can view the rest of the girls here.

08 August 2011

28 July 2011

Check this out!!

Hubby's exhibition!

DRAWN Again: Group Drawing Art Exhibition
I'm taking part in my second group drawing exhibition at Brunswick Street Gallery. There are a lot of great artists taking part and should be a lot of fun!

For this exhibition, I created a series of 7 graphite drawings based on natural spirits, inspired by a local park I walk through almost everyday. I'll leak a few details and pictures after opening night so stay tuned!

Exhibition Details
29 July to 11 August
Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy (corner Argyle St.)
Melbourne, Australia

Opening Night
Friday 29th July
6pm onwards

Look forward to seeing you there!

27 July 2011

Having Coffee

Having a coffee with friends is very delightful but decided to make it a bit more eventful using the materials we had at hand; empty sugar saches. A whole world opened up to us...

26 July 2011

New Look ♥

Ok, I feel like I am constantly changing my website's look and yes, I guess I am. BUT i have to say this is the best yet! All straight forward and no fiddling around looking for the most important thing to show, the work. Stop by and take a look. It is simple, clean and to the point. Very Cheri

13 July 2011

Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition

It's been a while but it's good to be back!!
Actually while I was gone a all the preparations for the Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition was taking place! I was invited to do a piece for the exhibition. Being a Harry Potter fan it was very hard to pick out a specific part I wanted to illustrate. But no time to dwell so out came this piece. Hope you can make it down to Nucleus Gallery and take a look at all the artworks by various artists.

This piece is also in the online auction!!

05 May 2011

Made Some Ink!! Shortlisted for Create Awards 2011

Made some ink this month!! Also been shortlisted for the Desktop Create Awards 2011.
This is the magazine I'm in: Desktop May Issue

And these are the illustrations that got shortlisted.

Overseas Grandma for Sydney's Child

Goodbye Flopsy for Sydney's Child

29 March 2011

Tough Times

This is for all the people out there who are having a tough time and to the people who can help.
With recent events, a lot of things are out of balance and this is a time where it's important to stick together.

When I was growing up in Japan I had a wonderful Japanese teacher who taught me all I know and helped me to advance.
One of the Kanji I remember is person or people. It is one of the first group of Kanji you learn in school in Japan.
Its a very interesting character because it is extremely simple but says a lot.

28 March 2011


Made some tags the other day to go on all the prints that go out.
I hade some paper bags about and decided to do something about it. So I cut it up to fit through my printer and 'Viola! Tags!'.

23 March 2011


I lived half my life in Japan and got to experience the culture first hand. It is a tragedy what has happened with recent events and my heart goes out to them. Being half Japanese and learning so much from my life in Japan it never came as a surprise when the people of Sendai and people taking charge in the nuclear plants pulled together to help each other. But it is still amazing. Absolutely amazing. It just goes to show how a little gesture of kindness and union can go very far.

20 February 2011

Publication: The Leader

Just wanted to share with everyone, we had a very eventful and night at our opening night for 'Collective Response' Exhibition. If you were in the area and came by, thank you joining us on a very special night :) We were also in the papers, The Leader. We'd like to thank everyone for their support and care. Hope to deliver more in the near future ♥

08 February 2011

Cherry Canary: My Nose

Do you ever wonder how you came to be?? I do and some parts still remain a mystery...

01 February 2011

2011 Studio 106 Exhibition

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow will be the opening night for Studio 106 Exhibition; Collective Response.
This is where I work on my illustrations. I will be taking part in this exhibition and if you are in the area I would be delighted to see you all there :)
This is a link to their website:

21 January 2011

Cherry Canary: Summer Tan

This is something that was a frequent event during my childhood. Once Summer vacation was in I was outside everyday. You can just imagine what would happen. There was no stopping me! Hope you enjoy the new Cherry Canary :)