06 September 2009

Lady Dragon from Nurse Licorice

A new addition to my Nurse Licorice: Lady Dragon (竜の女)
She is quite a feisty one. She even says so in her message! But don't get offended, she is extremely super sensitive and she can't help but lash out at the first sign of discomfort.

Here also I inked , scanned and coloured in photoshop.

The Lady Dragon.

02 September 2009

Introducing Lolly from Nurse Licorice

She is an addition to my ongoing project of 'Nurse Licorice'.
In all the illustrations for this project I ink the initial drawing, next scan and then colour in photoshop. Recently I have been very attracted to flat colours and minimal colour usage. Then I thought it would go perfect with this project as I my trying to express my girls personality with the impact you can get with flat colours.

Introducing Lolly: