08 May 2008

CBCA Conference

I went to the CBCA conference this year! It was great meet Shaun Tan and Neil Gaiman in person. Though it was a very brief encounter because we were getting our books signed and there were so many people. I was very nervous to even getting my book sign and it was just one of those times when I couldn't think of anything to say. All I managed was "that's so cool". mmmm..... Wish I had come up with something... Other than that all was great. There was a publishers expo held outside of the conference and I was able to go around and introduce myself. I was also lucky enough to meet editors who gave me insight on what they look for in an illustrator and always seek new talent. It's great practice and opportunity to go these places and grasp that chance. Even if I don't get anything out of it this time the more I do it the more chance I have next time.
Here are a few quick shots I managed to take.