27 March 2009

26 March 2009

My postcards have finally arrived!

My postcards have finally arrived. It was really exciting to open the box and find the shiny postcards there. Now they are off to fulfill their duty. I hope it can be enjoyed as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Illustration: Hide and Seek

15 March 2009

Print making I've been doing for the last 6 weeks

I signed up for a etching workshop with Rob. Cherie Winters, a fabulous Printmaker based in Melbourne ran the class. I had a lot of fun learning a new medium and plan to continue with it. These are prints I made over the past six weeks. I used copper plates for etching, dry point and aquatint. I also used X-ray sheets to do dry point.


Fox's Wedding

Balloon Fish

Ally Cat

14 March 2009

New section on my website

I have finally added the sketch book section to my website. I've been wanting to do that for a while and now I can say I did it. There is one sketch book up but the others will be updated as soon as have scanned the pages in.

11 March 2009

A page from my moleskin

This is another page from my trusty moleskin!
I call this Glance (glancing in a mirror to check out how intimidating you are, hahaha)
It is line work with Pen and then I painted it with acrylic paint.

05 March 2009

Featured in UK magazine Daydream Edition 6 (DD06)

My Knobby Knee Monster will be featured in a UK magazine Daydream Edition 6 (DD06)! I am very happy that Knobby Knee Monster will be able to see the UK which I am yet to accomplish.

01 March 2009

From my moleskin

These are from my moleskin I am carrying around at the moment.

A fish swimming in the air using balloons.

This one is 'Ladies of the Night'

Go down one block
Look left then right
What is it with this atmosphere
It's the ladies of the night
They bring you mystery, love and lust
The softness of their bodies, oh what a delight.

On Twitter now!

I have now joined the crowd of twitter, leaving little tweets through out the day☆ You can find me here.

Lovely twitter bird is from Luc Its is part of a set of 24 twitter birds that he is offering free from his website. Get them here.