25 August 2008

St Kilda Festival Comp

My Entries for the St Kilda Festival Art Competition. Starting off with the concept, then painting, and the final touch with digital enhancement.

18 August 2008

Life Drawing Part 2

My Life drawings from Friday. This one was a very special one. We had the chance to draw a pregnant woman.

13 August 2008

Arabian Nights

I am a sucker fairy tales and the stories from The Arabian Nights. I've always wanted to illustrate from the Arabian Nights and I've finally started somewhere.

These are my first two.

My monster collection

This is my Knobby Knee Monsters series. I ended the series with all knobby Knee Monster's friends and other monsters.

12 August 2008

Life Drawing

I have been getting back to life drawing for the last 3 weeks.
Here are a couple drawing done last Friday.

07 August 2008


Rob and I have been shortlisted for Create Awards 08 (Desktop Magazine)for Original Illustration.

This is mine from the 'Tail Transplant Tale'.

And this is Robs 'Aspergers' illustration and 'Raven' illustration.

05 August 2008

Vietnam project

This was one of our first projects to take place overseas.
With Mind Gallery we were able to make this wonderful piece with the great people of KPMG.
My husband, Rob, and I came up with using the Vietnamese dress and patterns.
Then I came up with the overall design combining it with mosaic feel that Rob came up with.

But this is what happened when the people of KPMG and all the artist who were there to help combined forces!

I definitely had a lot of fun with this one!