20 February 2011

Publication: The Leader

Just wanted to share with everyone, we had a very eventful and night at our opening night for 'Collective Response' Exhibition. If you were in the area and came by, thank you joining us on a very special night :) We were also in the papers, The Leader. We'd like to thank everyone for their support and care. Hope to deliver more in the near future ♥

08 February 2011

Cherry Canary: My Nose

Do you ever wonder how you came to be?? I do and some parts still remain a mystery...

01 February 2011

2011 Studio 106 Exhibition

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow will be the opening night for Studio 106 Exhibition; Collective Response.
This is where I work on my illustrations. I will be taking part in this exhibition and if you are in the area I would be delighted to see you all there :)
This is a link to their website: