23 May 2010

New site is up and running!!

My website, is healthy and new. After an incident that happened a few weeks ago I thought it was time to update my website to something more functional and easier to use and maintain.

So without farther avail welcome to my new website!

21 May 2010

Illustration Friday: Equipment

This is an illustration I did for Illustration Friday. The theme, 'Equipment'.

20 May 2010

Sketch Book: Arcade (Japan)

This was done when I was last in Japan. I was sitting with Rob having a coffee in an arcade in Namba, Osaka. A place we went to quite often while our stay there. It is loud crowded and lots of people shouting to grab attention from potential customers, flyer and tissue distributors and pachinko parlors. I was taking all this in and thought to myself someone could possibly have an information overload just walking through these arcades. So I made a sketch while there sipping on my 3rd refill of coffee at Mister Doughnuts.

10 May 2010

Sarah Vain and Tall

I had the opportunity to be apart of this project, an up and coming brand dedicated to tall women and girls. I designed the logo and identity for Sarah Vain and Tall with designer and director of Sarah Vain and Tall, Anne Shea.

This is the logo,identity/brand for Sarah Vain and Tall.

Here is a one half of the branding/identity image of Sarah vain and tall which is taking a simple approach. When having to make avatars and identities for online communities and portfolios it was important to get the Sarah Vain and tall image out and easy to recognize and scalable, and so the simple approach came about.

This is with the logo. Currently used for the Sarah Vain and Tall Facebook Avatar.

06 May 2010

Outcome of Lilo's Promise Animal Rescue Art Auction

I'm happy to announce Lilo's Promise Animal Rescue had a very successful night with the art Auction. The Dog and Cat Ball sold and all profits will be going to the furry friends at Lilo's Promise Animal Rescue.