30 August 2009

Recent Projects - Nurse Licorice Book

This is a recent project I have been working on and is still in the works. This book is about the working women and how they spend their time thinking, wondering, and what they do on the job and off. That spare and precious time we use to for ourselves.

The cover design (Nurse Licorice)

And this is Lamb

26 August 2009

James Jean Signing

This was a pretty awesome opportunity to meet someone I really admire. Went to a signing of James Jean with Rob and Sixto. Though, I never really know what to say to someone you only know through their work, I did managed to say thank you. It was great!! James Jean seemed a very humble person and patient. From all I gather I would say he's a very cool person. Thanks for coming to Melbourne, James!!
We were very lucky to get a copy of the kindling Book. It is very beautiful and bigger than I expected.

Some photos of us!!

James Jean and me.

James Jean and Rob.

James Jean and Sixto.

Outside Outre, moments before meeting James Jean.

Inside Outre, after our signing.

11 August 2009

Bear Attack!!

This is a campaign I was apart of to promote Lurzer's Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide. The theme was bear attack!! I went traditional and used acrylic on paper. Mostly using a watercolor effect.

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08 August 2009


Our beloved cat, Chess, who loved food more than anything in this world. He is a perfect example of 'Gluttony'. Though it is a one of the seven sins, he makes it look so good.

He inspired us to do this piece on him. A video produced by Cheri and Robert Scholten.
Our YouTube

03 August 2009

Ummm... No.

These are a few works I did a couple of months ago but didn't get through. This is before I added elements with the computer. Oh well, better luck next time...