27 December 2010

Contemplating and Harry Potter

Because the holiday seasons I've been able to get some time to myself and think. Been thinking a lot and while in this thought process I've also been going around taking reference pictures with my trusty camera.

I am a big Harry Potter fan. I've been rereading all the books and watching all the movies, or at least to the latest one that's available on DVD. The books had been a big journey and now with the movies I am repeating history!! (well, my history). So I was thinking to myself what scene stuck with me the most?? I had to think very long for this one. It's the whole experience and the world you get caught up in that makes me love it so much. But if I HAD to pick one scene it would be when Harry first goes to Diagon Alley. That place is just amazing it has everything in that alleyway. The next I love is the stairwell of Hogwarts. Ok, so I didn't pick a particular scene or event but those places grabbed my attention but that just explains what I said before that I loved the world and atmosphere.

Now I ask what was your favorite part of the movie??

12 December 2010

Photo Experimentation

Time to do something fun. with my little phone camera this is what I came across today...

In the park:

In the kitchen:

At the kitchen table:

06 December 2010

Book of the Day: The Giving Tree

Now I know it says The Book of the Day in the title but this is one of my all time favorites. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. It's a bout a boy and a tree and how much the tree loved the boy. I remember very clearly when I first had someone read this book to me. It was in kindergarten and the teacher was reading it to us. It hit me very hard. I recommend this to anyone whether you're into books, children's books or not. It's a very touching story and you're bound to remember it for a very long time.

17 November 2010

Editorial: The Structure of Support

This is an article I had the opportunity to illustrate for Sydney's Child. The story is quite complex so at first it was a bit challenging to get the right image but once I started dropping and cutting off paragraphs and words to get to the core and find those keywords it all became very obvious.

This is the article with my illustrations:

Tearsheet courtesy of Sydney’s Child

These are the finished images:

And these are some concepts:

14 November 2010

Editorial: Farewelling Flopsy

This is a n editorial I did for Sydney's Child in September. The story is about a parent when she has to tell her children their pet passed away.

Tearsheet courtesy of Sydney’s Child

The final image:

The concepts:

Concept 1

Concept 2

02 October 2010

New Look!!

You can use your own background images now!! Yay!! So this is my new look until I get the sudden urge to change it again...
Nice weather in Melbourne so the studio is nice again. Working on finishing a book. I'm half way now just another half to go. phew!
Enjoy the weekend!

24 September 2010

Illustration Friday: Acrobat

This is my illustration for Illustration Friday: Acrobat.
Just remembering the times I was a "professional" acrobat.

16 September 2010

Illustration Friday: Proverb

This is my illustration for Illustration Friday: Proverb.

猫に鰹節 neko ni katsuobushi
Literally: fish to a cat.
Meaning: A situation where one can not let their guard down (because the cat can't resist stealing your fish). - from Wikiquote

06 September 2010

Editorial: Long Distance Grandma

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Spring weather is starting to come in for Australia and so it's easier to move about and get out of bed without the dread. Though it's not cold compared to other countries it still take s a while to get the blood flowing...
Anyways, This is a recent editorial I had the opportunity to do for Sydney's Child. The story is about the relationship between Grand parent and grandchild wen distance come in between. I was able to relate very much to this story as I have always lived very far away from my grandparents.

The main image

Tearsheet courtesy of Sydney's Child

07 August 2010

08 July 2010

Editorial: Behind the Birthing Bravado

A new post!! Haven't been able to get around to doing one comfortably but I thought can't always have it your way so here I am at the library doing a new post.

This is one I had the opportunity to do with Sydney's Child for the June issue. We went through a few concepts before we were able to get to these two but it was worth it and the end result was great.

These are the final results the first one is the main image:

23 May 2010

New site is up and running!!

My website, is healthy and new. After an incident that happened a few weeks ago I thought it was time to update my website to something more functional and easier to use and maintain.

So without farther avail welcome to my new website!

21 May 2010

Illustration Friday: Equipment

This is an illustration I did for Illustration Friday. The theme, 'Equipment'.

20 May 2010

Sketch Book: Arcade (Japan)

This was done when I was last in Japan. I was sitting with Rob having a coffee in an arcade in Namba, Osaka. A place we went to quite often while our stay there. It is loud crowded and lots of people shouting to grab attention from potential customers, flyer and tissue distributors and pachinko parlors. I was taking all this in and thought to myself someone could possibly have an information overload just walking through these arcades. So I made a sketch while there sipping on my 3rd refill of coffee at Mister Doughnuts.

10 May 2010

Sarah Vain and Tall

I had the opportunity to be apart of this project, an up and coming brand dedicated to tall women and girls. I designed the logo and identity for Sarah Vain and Tall with designer and director of Sarah Vain and Tall, Anne Shea.

This is the logo,identity/brand for Sarah Vain and Tall.

Here is a one half of the branding/identity image of Sarah vain and tall which is taking a simple approach. When having to make avatars and identities for online communities and portfolios it was important to get the Sarah Vain and tall image out and easy to recognize and scalable, and so the simple approach came about.

This is with the logo. Currently used for the Sarah Vain and Tall Facebook Avatar.

06 May 2010

Outcome of Lilo's Promise Animal Rescue Art Auction

I'm happy to announce Lilo's Promise Animal Rescue had a very successful night with the art Auction. The Dog and Cat Ball sold and all profits will be going to the furry friends at Lilo's Promise Animal Rescue.

30 April 2010

Editorial: Stepping Over Stereotypes

Sydney's Child gave me this opportunity to do the illustrations for the story 'Stepping Over Stereotypes'. It is about a woman who is a stepmother who reads a fairy-tale to her stepdaughter but then is confronted by a question, who killed the stepmother. It explains the joys but also the difficulties in joining a new family and what is expected.

These are the finished art.

26 March 2010

Editorial: Pushy Piano Parent

This is a piece I had the opportunity to do for Sydney's Child, April Issue 2010. Would you be a pushy piano parent or not? i don't know. I definitely think that supporting your children's ambition is important and if encouraging is needed then encourage them.

This is the finished product. The First one is the centre piece and the second is the sub:

Centre image for 'Pushy Piano Parent'.

Sub image for 'Pushy Piano Parent'.

These are a couple of concepts for the main image. We eventually went for concept 1:

Main image concept 1.

Main image concept 2.

And these are the sub images. Here we went for concept 2:

Sub image concept 1.

Sub image concept 2.

25 March 2010

Lilo's Promise Animal Rescue

This is a charity piece for Lilo's Promise Animal Rescue. There will be an art auction on the 10th April 2010 to help the our furry friends. Hope you can make it.


Artistic Expressions” Art Auction Benefit
April 10, 2010
Collingswood Community Center
Collingswood, NJ
6:30 pm

Dog & Cat Ball

17 March 2010

Look what I found!!

I came across a blog with something interesting. Click here to see specs. I tried it for the whole day and this is what I was able to do with out looking at it the whole time. This program records your mouse path. Pretty cool.

This was at 2:25 pm today.

This was at 4:28 pm today.

And this was at 5:33 pm today.

06 March 2010

Editorial: 2020 Vision

This is another piece I had the opportunity to for Sydney Child Feb issue. The story is about now with our families and how would it be in 20 year time. Are we spending enough time with them or not.

This was quite difficult because there a lot of important passages. I had a lot to choose from.

So this is how I started out like this:

Two versions for the center image.

Two versions for the sub image.

Now this didn't work out so a few more concepts with the guidance of the Art Director. And this is what came up:

One each passed but the main images was trying to say too much so it was simplified by taking the lens image out. The following are the finished pieces for 2020 Vision.