27 December 2010

Contemplating and Harry Potter

Because the holiday seasons I've been able to get some time to myself and think. Been thinking a lot and while in this thought process I've also been going around taking reference pictures with my trusty camera.

I am a big Harry Potter fan. I've been rereading all the books and watching all the movies, or at least to the latest one that's available on DVD. The books had been a big journey and now with the movies I am repeating history!! (well, my history). So I was thinking to myself what scene stuck with me the most?? I had to think very long for this one. It's the whole experience and the world you get caught up in that makes me love it so much. But if I HAD to pick one scene it would be when Harry first goes to Diagon Alley. That place is just amazing it has everything in that alleyway. The next I love is the stairwell of Hogwarts. Ok, so I didn't pick a particular scene or event but those places grabbed my attention but that just explains what I said before that I loved the world and atmosphere.

Now I ask what was your favorite part of the movie??

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