29 March 2011

Tough Times

This is for all the people out there who are having a tough time and to the people who can help.
With recent events, a lot of things are out of balance and this is a time where it's important to stick together.

When I was growing up in Japan I had a wonderful Japanese teacher who taught me all I know and helped me to advance.
One of the Kanji I remember is person or people. It is one of the first group of Kanji you learn in school in Japan.
Its a very interesting character because it is extremely simple but says a lot.

28 March 2011


Made some tags the other day to go on all the prints that go out.
I hade some paper bags about and decided to do something about it. So I cut it up to fit through my printer and 'Viola! Tags!'.

23 March 2011


I lived half my life in Japan and got to experience the culture first hand. It is a tragedy what has happened with recent events and my heart goes out to them. Being half Japanese and learning so much from my life in Japan it never came as a surprise when the people of Sendai and people taking charge in the nuclear plants pulled together to help each other. But it is still amazing. Absolutely amazing. It just goes to show how a little gesture of kindness and union can go very far.