23 May 2012

Editorial: Period Home Renovator

This is a magazine I had the opportunity to illustrate for, The Period Home Renovator. The article I illustrated was about the realities of renovation. This was a new subject for me and I loved the challenge it gave me. I was thrown out of my comfort zone. So I was back to square one, research. I learned a lot of things during this projects and went through many concepts and drawings before I was happy to present it. I hope you enjoy as much as I did :)

01 March 2012

Exhibition: Little Deities

I will be participating in a group exhibtion at the No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne. If you're around don't be shy and say hi :)
The show is called 'Little Deities'. You'll be meeting quite a few here.
Click here for show details and opening night!

31 January 2012

Editorial: Destinations Australia

This is a editorial I did for Destinations Australia. The article was introducing the various shopping areas in Western Australia. If you're ever there don't miss out on these places.

30 January 2012

Editorial: The Period Home Renovator Magazine

Hi all! This is some recent work I've been doing. This project was for The Period Home Renovator magazine. The article was about the realities of home renovating and how different families dealt with it and share tips.