06 March 2010

Editorial: 2020 Vision

This is another piece I had the opportunity to for Sydney Child Feb issue. The story is about now with our families and how would it be in 20 year time. Are we spending enough time with them or not.

This was quite difficult because there a lot of important passages. I had a lot to choose from.

So this is how I started out like this:

Two versions for the center image.

Two versions for the sub image.

Now this didn't work out so a few more concepts with the guidance of the Art Director. And this is what came up:

One each passed but the main images was trying to say too much so it was simplified by taking the lens image out. The following are the finished pieces for 2020 Vision.


Romina said...

Wow! Great work!

Rob said...

Love the drawings behind the illustration. Excellent job!