01 December 2009

Ideas for New Year's Day: Origami Dolls

Here I go again on my journey of paper folding (origami). It is always a treat to create something and enjoy looking at it. This is a little doll that will be making her debut on a card very soon. She is sitting here right in front of me and feels like she's got a life of her own!! Many years ago when I was only a little girl I was in front of the TV. This was in the middle of the day but they were showing some sort of a Japanese horror film. If I understood it well enough then I think it was about a Japanese Doll being abandoned because the owner felt there was something wrong with it. Something wrong with it all right! It started floating in the air and chasing the owner around the back streets. Eventual the doll got it's revenge and then was found and picked up by a little girl. And I am assuming it starts all over again. This sort of story is very common in Japan so much so that they have a shrine where you can bring your dolls to rest.

I used paper from the Cristina Re collection. It's very lovely paper and they have paper with double sides, each design complimenting each other.

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